Artshow Preview 2019 - Genre - Abstract (5 works)

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New Adventures

Height 92cm x Width 77cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Genre: Abstract

© Deb Blucher (1)

NRN# 000-41116-0134-01

Exhibit# 6

Cycles Of Inspiration

Height 100cm x Width 100cm

Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

Genre: Abstract

© Janine Howlett (1)

NRN# 000-38201-0195-01

Exhibit# 19

Where Do We Go From Here?

Height 75cm x Width 75cm

Mixed Media on Canvas

Genre: Abstract

© Ann Neagle (3)

NRN# 000-37172-0171-01

Exhibit# 28

Your Wings And Fly

Height 76cm x Width 114cm

Mixed Media on Paper

Genre: Abstract

© Alli Symons (2)

NRN# 000-38682-0135-01

Exhibit# 34