Paintings, photographs, mixed media and digital artworks exploring the theme 'Resilient West Torrens' are sought in 2021 for the West Torrens Art Prize.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has provided us all with many challenges over the past year. Nationally, State-wide, and on a local level in West Torrens, we have been required to deal with changing conditions, often at very short notice, and adapt to new ways and ideas.

Subsequently, it is fitting that the theme for the 2021 West Torrens Art Prize is 'Resilient West Torrens'.

This year we're looking for works which reflect how our local community shows resilience; how we are able to recover quickly from difficulties and tough situations to continue to grow and thrive. West Torrens is not only home to our first nations people but also to another 110 other cultures, with many people moving from overseas to settle here; some who have shown incredible resilience to do so.

I am honoured to continue to be part of this year's Art Prize and look forward to viewing the many interesting works that reflect our 'Resilient West Torrens'.


Michael S. Coxon

Mayor, City of West Torrens



West Torrens Art Prize 2019 Winner

With the theme 'Migration: Arrivals and Departures', it was fitting that artist David Taylor won the 2019 $10,000 West Torrens Art Prize with his work 'Welcome to Adeline and Her Story: A View Through Adelaide Airport Lounge Window'.


There are four prize categories:

  • West Torrens Art Prize - $10,000.
  • The Emerging Artist Prize - $2,000.
  • The Senior High School (16+ years) Student Prize - $500.
  • The People's Choice Prize - $500.

West Torrens Art Prize 2018 Winner 'Respecting all cultures, Torrensville' by Richard Maurovic